Nameless ( Naked Human Sequel )


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Dive into the world of poetry with an exclusive signed pre-order of "Nameless," the highly anticipated sequel to Christopher Poindexter's acclaimed collection, "Naked Human." Immerse yourself in a lyrical journey that explores the depths of the human experience, confronting themes of the human condition, depression, and addiction with raw intensity.

🖋️ Hand-Signed by the Author: Each copy of "Nameless" is personally signed by Christopher Poindexter, adding a unique touch to your literary collection. Poindexter's signature not only enhances the book's value but also brings an authentic connection between the author and the reader.

🌟 Limited Availability: This signed pre-order is your exclusive chance to own a personalized copy of "Nameless." With limited quantities available, secure your copy now to guarantee this special edition for your collection.

⏰ Please Note: Due to the personalized nature of this pre-order, the process takes time to ensure the highest quality. Here's a glimpse into the timeline:

  1. Book is released on April 25th.

  2. Jack Wild Publishing receives the book from the printer.

  3. The book is then sent to Christopher Poindexter for his signature.

  4. After signing, the author personally ships the book to your doorstep.

📅 Delivery Estimate: Given the release date of April 25th, and the intricate signing process, we estimate delivery to be in late April or early May of 2024. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work diligently to bring you this one-of-a-kind, signed edition.


"Nameless" by Christopher Poindexter serves as a compelling sequel to his acclaimed poetry collection, "Naked Human." This follow-up work delves even deeper into the complexities of the human experience, exploring themes of the human condition, depression, and addiction with a raw and unfiltered intensity.

The collection takes readers on a lyrical journey through the labyrinth of emotions, offering a profound exploration of what it means to be human in the face of life's challenges. Poindexter's verses are both haunting and hopeful, providing an intimate look into our shared struggles and triumphs.

"Nameless" delves into the shadowy realms of depression, offering a compassionate examination of the internal battles individuals face. The poems act as windows into the depths of despair, allowing readers to connect intimately with the raw reality of mental health struggles.

Additionally, the collection addresses the pervasive grip of addiction, unraveling the threads that bind individuals to their vices. Poindexter's words resonate with authenticity as he explores the cyclical nature of addiction, painting a vivid picture of the internal conflicts and external pressures that accompany this relentless battle.

Throughout the book, Poindexter's language is both lyrical and accessible, creating a bridge between the profound and the everyday. His verses are a testament to the power of poetry to illuminate the darkest corners of the human soul and provide solace in shared experiences.

"Nameless" stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, urging readers to confront their vulnerabilities and find strength in the midst of adversity. With a captivating blend of honesty and artistry, Christopher Poindexter once again invites readers to explore the depths of their own humanity through the lens of his poetic vision.